11 Apr Change

Change is not easy. Neither is pickup when starting out. If it would be easy, then anyone could change into anything in a matter of days, hours or even minutes. But you must know one thing, be it any kind of value, it can only...

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11 Apr Five common attributes in cool guys

What does it mean to be cool? What are the things and personality traits, that are so rarely appearing in people?   In my opinion, the definition of cool is: You are indifferent You are independent You have a sense of humor You are calibrated You are social When these attributes are deeply...

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11 Apr Eye contact with women

Secret meanings behind eye contact with women Whenever a girl comes towards you on a street, in a mall or nightclubs, you can deduct a couple things just from her eyes, if you know how to read her body language well. I’m telling you that the most...

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11 Apr Random Text

Recently I sent a couple girls a pretty well converting text, which I will share with you now. The essence of a random text: no questions, not relevant to the frame and earlier conversations, you can send them to anyone, and there’s no need to personalize. What is...

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