11 Apr Change

Change is not easy. Neither is pickup when starting out. If it would be easy, then anyone could change into anything in a matter of days, hours or even minutes. But you must know one thing, be it any kind of value, it can only be gained on the long term.


You can be an instant winner by accidentally kicking the ball just the right way to score a goal, or have the right guess in a Quiz game, but neither of those will reflect your true skills or smarts.

Any change takes a lot of time. The majority of people can’t get this. They also can’t understand that behind getting sick there is some kind of spiritual sickness. For example: living a stressful lifestyle, not dressing up properly, overwork themselves, unhealthy eating etc. And when they get sick, they see a doctor for a prescription that cures them in a day. And then they are wondering that they get sick again or that the drug doesn’t work.

Every search for excuses and external reasons is futile.winner-trophy

You will always find the solution to the problem within yourself. The more you want to blame any hardships on others, and see yourself as a victim, the further you will get from solving the problem.

What is needed for change?

WILLPOWER! You have to want it wholeheartedly, to change, to expeience something new. 80% of people does not have the will to change. They rather live their boring and unhappy life, just to not take any responsibility. Because what do most people blame his misfortune on? – „my genes are bad, I got this from my parents”, “we were always poor and always will be”, I’m doing the diet and only eat candy five times a day and yet I can’t lose weight”, “my boss is responsible for everything”, “people use me”, “I gave her everything but she wanted even more” etc.

The majority of people searches for an outer reason to explain to themselves why everything happened and happens to them.

Every change starts out with an insight. You acknowledge and accept who or what you are in this moment. What kinds of skills and abilities do you have and the fact that most of these are in ONLY YOUR control. This has deeper metaphysical aspects to it, of which I don’t want to delve into now. BUT if your job is crap, then you are the one not searching for better alternatives, if you don’t speak any languages, it was and it is you who didn’t want it bad enough.

The law of attraction states that whatever it is you want, according to the laws of the universe an opportunity will present itself for you to reach your goal.

The Bible has been saying it for thousands of years: „Knock and it shall open”. „Whoever searches shall find”, „Help yourself, and God will help you too.”

The first step must be taken by you! Noone can or will do it instead of you!

What else is needed for change?

PERSEVERANCE! Another pressing matter is, that most people give up their plan at the first hardship and failure. They can’t comprehend that every obstacle gets in our way for us to learn and experience something new. A man learns not a lot from success. Usually the most successful people went through the most failures. Looking at the whole process, the extent of failures and successes remains in balance, just like everything else in the universe.

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