11 Apr Eye contact with women II.: How to approach her?

The day before yesterday I wrote an article about how to deduce the way a girl feels about you from her eye contact. Now I will share with you the techniques on how to open her most efficiently just from analysing her eyes.


How to approach her depending on how she looks at you?

She doesn’t look at you

Method of approach: Very confident and direct. Put your arms in front of you and stand in front of her, speak loudly.

She looks at you, then after a second she looks up or sideways

Method of approach: Even more direct than when she doesn’t look at you. Your tone and volume should match that of a police officer, but there’s no need to ask for her ID. 

She looks at you, then suddenly looks downwards

Method of approach: Don’t be too dominant, you will scare her that way. It’s a good rule of thumb to smile and tell her right after opening that: „I didn’t mean to scare you.” You are dealing with a shy girl, be very mellow.

She looks at you, then suddenly looks downwards, then looks up at you again and down again

Method of approach: Open directly but don’t be too dominant, you are again dealing with a shy girl.

She looks at you and keeps up the eye contact

Method of approach: Approach very directly, you are trying to get with a confident girl, who will measure and analyze you during the first minute, so prepare for the usual girl tests.

Now that you know how to approach and open in every scenario – no more excuses – go and practice! 😀 You will have the opportunity to do so even during next weekend, where professional mentors will stand in the way of you making the same mistakes as always so far!

You can read more details here!

Good luck!


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