11 Apr Eye contact with women

Secret meanings behind eye contact with women

Whenever a girl comes towards you on a street, in a mall or nightclubs, you can deduct a couple things just from her eyes, if you know how to read her body language well. I’m telling you that the most important thing to look out for is keeping eye contact and watching where she glances after looking at you.

The following cases are the possibilities:

  • She doesn’t look at you

What does it mean? You didn’t catch her attention enough or she is dwelling well withing her thoughts.

  • She looks at you, then after a second she looks up or sideways

 What does it mean? She noticed you but you didn’t induce emotions in her with your presence and body language.

  • She looks at you, then suddenly looks downwardsman-and-woman-flirting-through-eye-contact1

 What does it mean? She likes you, but she is very shy and feels inferior to you.

  • She looks at you and keeps up the eye contact

 What does it mean? She likes you, and she is very confident.

Now that you understand the meaning behind girl’s eye contact, hit the field and discover them yourself! In my next article I will reveal what method to use under what circumstances, to make a successful approach, so follow my blog every day!


p.s.: if you already some experience with these, please share your thoughts down in the comments, I would like to read them! If not, but you would like to, but you’re afraid what others might think, then pickup with us together!

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