11 Apr Five common attributes in cool guys

What does it mean to be cool? What are the things and personality traits, that are so rarely appearing in people?


In my opinion, the definition of cool is:

You are indifferent

You are independent

You have a sense of humor

You are calibrated

You are social

When these attributes are deeply rooted inside of you, you won’t have much problems with women.

But let’s focus on this a little. Which point means what, and how can you become a cool person?

1.You don’t care about other’s opinions, just the ones you respect.

Why would you worry about what other people think of you, when they don’t even know what kind of a person you are?

Forget that you have to live up to others’ expectations, because you DON’T have to. Only worry about yourself!

2.You need to be independent of others to walk your own road.

All this means that not even in relationships should you ever be dependent of the girl, or dependent of your boss at work or dependent on the government.

Naturally you can’t become totally independent, because we are living among other people in society, but you should try to pursue it as much as you can.

An independent guy who goes with his pals to a party won’t be bothered if he is the only one wanting to hit the dance floor, he will just go alone.

3.You don’t take everything seriously, you see your life and future as something bright.

Positive thinking drives you forward and others around you will also feel good, because you are funny and happy.

They gather around you, because you give them value. The good emotions in them are in there because of you.

4.You know social dynamics, you have experience in both life and dating.

Your mind works better, you easily adapt to new, modern things. You way you dress is stylish.

You notice small details. Other people feel at ease with you because you are a normal person in all aspects and you have no weird habits.men-drinking-beer-and-smiling

5.You are social, you meet friends easily. You have no problem talking to new people.

You can talk hours about anything, because your personality is inquiring and you seek and see the good in people.

If you work on this 5 attributes within yourself, then 80% of your problems with women will go away!


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