11 Apr How to get women to run after you

I will now tell you a fact about women, of which most men will never learn about. If you use this knowledge, then girls will be the one picking you up.


This fact so far is that you need to be a CHALLENGE to women.

There’s no greater technique on Earth that you can use to have women be attracted to you, than when you make them work for you.

Because most men offer themselves too easily to them, women know that they can get a guy any time, usually one that they will like as well.

The best thing in this is that you can get a big one-up on other guys if you are a CHALLENGE to the girl. With this you will turn the whole situation around, and she will be the one interested in you.

How can you be a challenge to the girl745_

  • its hard for her to tell how much you like her
  • you don’t always call her back, also not when she expects it
  • you’re not always free to meet up, and you rather back down on the date when you have something important to do

By being a challenge to girls, you generate sizeable attraction in them.

Every woman wants the men she can’t get. With becoming hard to get you accomplish that she will not rather meet with six other guys, who are available all the time, but you who is barely free.

Look out for an important thing though!

You need to be a CHALLENGE from the get-go! How can you accomplish this?

  1. Make them work for you
  • have it in your mind that she wants to pick you up: “ restaurant are you taking me to? after that bring me some flowers..and white Milka is my favourite chocolate..”
  • qualify the girl to match your expectations: ” what are the 3 best parts about you? …how are you different than other girls?”
  • have her invest in the relationship too, call you, text you, make you dinner
  1. DON’T show too much interest at the start
  • don’t ask questions like: What kind of guys do you like? Do you think I’m cool? Do you like me?
  • don’t push for being with her constantly
  • don’t call her every day
  1. Jest with her
  • use the word „maybe”
  • be unpredictable (hug her one time, gently push her away another time)
  • put down the phone when she is having the biggest laugh at your jokes

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