11 Apr Never give up, winners never give up!

Step up and do it, don’t search for excuses for not having a beautiful girlfriend!


When you are in a bad mood and you don’t want to hit the field, you may have a thousand reasons for that.

–          Maybe the weather is bad.

–          Maybe your favourite football team lost last night.

–          Maybe yesterday at a party three girls harshly rejected you.

–          Maybe your company is not doing as well as you’d like.

–          Maybe you had a fight with your best friend.

–          Maybe all of the above happened at the same time recently.

Whatever is the case, you need to STAND YOUR GROUND!

The biggest success successful-man-copyalways comes after the biggest failure, the deepest valley in a man’s life! ALWAYS! Every psychologist studying success, including Brian Tracy pointed this out already.

They found that successful people differ mainly from unsuccessful people in a way that they are able to start over after every failure no matter how big, because they NEVER GIVE UP!

You need to do this too in pickup! Stand up after every failure, restart and continue. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY OF IMPROVING.

The easiest way to do this, is to do it with a team. When you have partners who motivate you when you have no success and pat you on the back when you pull a beautiful girl.

In a team it’s 7x easier and faster to learn than alone!

Next Saturday, on the 11th of December you will have the chance to find new friends and visit free seminars on the basics of getting a girlfriend. Our free Pickup Meetups can offer you a solution to forget your problems, defeat your fears and with great motivation and new friends become confident in communication and dating with women.

If you have been doing pickup for a while now, then you must’ve noticed that even though you can reach smaller and shorter successes, but having a lasting, long term change in your life can only be achieved with hard work and time.

Set short and long term goals for yourself. Have a vision about where do you want to be and what do you want to do in half a year, but focus on the short term goals like:

–         I will approach five people in Tesco today

–         I will dance with three girls on the dance floor tonight

–         I will try to get every girl’s numbers tonight

–         I will go for the kiss with every girl tonight

The main thing is: TODAY!

Not tomorrow, not the day after, not two weeks from now… not when your every other issue is solved… NOW.

Live in the present. Don’t stall with your problems, because the longer you procrastinate the harder will they be to solve.

If your happiness is important to you, don’t waste time and wait for a miracle, take your own life into your own hands and hit the field and get the girls! 😀


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