11 Apr Random Text

Recently I sent a couple girls a pretty well converting text, which I will share with you now.


The essence of a random text: no questions, not relevant to the frame and earlier conversations, you can send them to anyone, and there’s no need to personalize.

What is the goal of the random text?

The goal is to give a sitrep about yourself from time to time, to keep yourself on her mind. Very often what happens is, you get the girl’s number, but she has a boyfriend at the time, who she doesn’t want to cheat on (which I support as well), then maybe after two month when you send her a text she will be single, and she will write back.

What’s the best part of the random text?

It’s that even if she doesn’t write back, it doesn’t mean that she hates or ignores you, but if she does answer to a totally random thing, then that is a major indication of interest coming from her.

This is my latest RANDOM text:

„Looking for dump trucks drivers, long term. Pets are allowed. Starting: right now, Joe got stuck under a manhole and needs to get out because he is on lunch duty today.”


A few reactions:

„I think I can get to work immediately… I’m bringing my parrot too :D”

„??? 😀 Thanks for considering me but I don’t have any pets 😀 Tell Joe to hold on :D”

„All right I’m coming and bringing my doggy in the child seat! whats up?”

More random text ideas gathered >>here!<<

Try them out, and I’m looking forward seeing your own random texts in the comments!


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