Student Testimonials

Here are some videos and pictures of our students speaking of what they achieved and learnt in our trainings.



Learn To Meet the Hottest Women on the Planet !

You might have heard about the beauty of the Hungarian girls. In fact, Hungary is voted number 1. of the countless number of the hottest girls in the world.

You will be experiencing these incredibly sexy women! The Budapest PUA Training led by Mex Deluxe will be the time of your life!

Read and watch what our previous customers experienced in our trainings.

  • BENCE B.

    "I can't explain in words, what the Summer camp given me. Girls, fun, self-improvement, the best days of my life.. i really enjoyed it, i want to come next year again!"

  • IVAN S.

    "Yes yes yes, thats my motto now...I met this Hungarian girl, now she wants to be with me all the time...the bootcamp was amazing, all the trainers r awesome..."


    "Arrived with no before luck, virgin..left as a changed man..I continued practicing in Budapest for a few more days, trendy clubs there too!!!"


    "Have been to the game for 4 years, still learnt a lot from you guys, best pua bootcamp ever!!!!"


    "I got the skills finally to pickup girls anywhere...anytime, I wish I came earlier and not wasted so much time..."


    100/100!!! No other bootcamp can be like this...damn my old I have the choice I always wanted!!!

  • PAVOL V.

    No alcohol, no drugs still I feel like a superstar playboy from a movie. Best memories forever, I will never forget this week!!!

  • JOHN W.

    Nice city, love the Hungarian ladies... the team was perfect, lots of new pua stuff thing was the pool-party!!