11 Apr The first step of change. How I started.

I would like to look back on this after a few years like it was the beginning of a series of blog posts that gives the most value to men on the subjects of dating and self improvement that is unique to Hungary.


Right now this goal is my vision.

When I started working on myself and dating, and sharing my experiences with people, I wouldn’t have thought that so much people would be interested and so much people would need this kind of advice. From my own experiences I know that the biggest improvement can only be reached by changing ones life entirely, and basing it on new foundations. With me this change happened inside and outside as well.

You will be able to change when you decide to within yourself, and 100% make up your mind about it.  That’s what I did.

 Is 99% enough in your opinion? I have to say that it isn’t.

In 2007 I founded the Biggest Hungarian Pickup Community, and since then I’ve noticed the statistic that 80% of people will quit the whole „I want to change” act in about 1-2 months and get back to their old habits, with 0 success. 

For successful and long lasting change you need 5 things:



3.Energy invested


5.An example to follow and advice from professionals

Without these it won’t happen.

I’ve been doing this for more than 6 years. I’ve come from the bottom, lots of skills and virtues were missing from me which I needed to become more attractive for the female kind. But I never gave up. I gathered tons of knowledge and strength from books, role models but above all I stood my ground and changed myself with my own resolve.

When I first started going on field from 2004/2005, almost noone were doing this in Hungary. I was strolling by myself around malls, the streets and clubs, trying out all the best pickup lines and routines that was by then known by a few thousands in America. In the beginning I didn’t have much success, but sometimes I could get a few positive reactions slipped between the failures.

But I’ve never given up. I fought relentlessly. You must do the same, dear reader. Fighting relentlessly and pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. It won’t happen any other way.

You need to make a resolve in yourself, that starting from this moment you will take your life into your own hands, and whatever happens, from now on this will be the main goal of your life.

Because believe me, for since I’ve changed:

And you too are able to make these changes!

I hope for you to become a recurring reader of mine, because starting today you will find new blog posts every week here.

I wish you luck for all this, and don’t forget that if you need help, you can always count on me!

Mex Deluxe

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