11 Apr The two types of alpha males

We can distinguish between two types of alpha males:

  1. One tries to reign over others, but doing it in a way that they follow him regardless, they see in him the confidence, success, humor
  2.  The other wants to be nice to those around him, not ruling over them, but they still follow him regardless because he can turn situations in a way that puts him on the top. We could call this type Alpha-nice too.


Main alpha attributes:

  • Humor: he can make people laugh, he can present situations in a way that makes people laugh
  • Confidence: an indispensable attribute, a huge amount of confidence is what makes him being able to stand out, because he doesn’t care about consequences. He can disarm anyone who has a negative opinion about him, just because he knows that he represents great value
  • He can reign over others, make a joke about others, and lifting his value while doing so. This is more of a trait of the first type of alphas
  • Independent
  • Forethoughtful, able to plan ahead
  • Has self-control
  • Risk takerGood+boss
  • Lives in his own reality, walks on his own road
  • Hard to offset
  • Reframes the things you tell him (humor included)
  • Emanates tons of energy (it’s almost unpleasant when he focuses his attention on you)
  • His voice is strong, deep, booming
  • He has an audience e.i.: a buddy who always laughs at his jokes
  • He is in the center of attention (receives more than gives)
  • He acknowledges his weaknesses
  • He can give and take away attention (reward/punishment)
  • Nonconformist, he takes on conflicts
  • Emotionally stable, but can get angry
  • Doesn’t hide or keep secrets, when he appears somewhere he is congruent and honest with himself
  • Well dressed, well groomed
  • Has good skills in empathy and making connections
  • Has an attractive lifestyle
  • Has a lot of acquaintances


Leader of men and women: the Alpha male

How can you act like and alpha male?

Don’t be afraid of leading, or making the wrong decision. If you don’t lead in every situation, then you are giving the control over to the girl, and girls hate beta males who don’t have any power. This doesn’t mean you should physically force yourself onto her – more like that you don’t ask for her permission to make a decision and act on it, whether it affects her or not.

If alpha males wouldn’t have this role, women would be the ones to take them on a date. Women don’t approach alpha males. Alpha males approach women, because alpha male lead. It’s that simple. If you are not ready to take a chance like this, risking a little rejection then you are not fulfilling your natural role. But believe me that in most cases women love when a guy has the balls to approach them, when he is an alpha male. (By the way, approaching a girl doesn’t equal to bootlicking!)

Here is the irony: The less you are afraid of her reaction, the more successful you become. It’s an absolute necessity for you to toss out the “equality” type of modern thinking. Women don’t want an alpha male who gives them “equality”. They hate that. Don’t treat women badly, but don’t be “feminine” either. Women want an alpha male. A tough guy. How else can you take the lead? Show her that you are the one making the decisions.

letöltés (2)If you are thinking about where to go on a first date, don’t ask her “What do YOU want to do?” I know, I know… asking her would show how nice you are and girls would appreciate that you would like them to feel good by taking them where they want to go… but you are forgetting that women want an alpha male. I know many women will write to me now on how evil I am, but now you probably know what happens if you let them make such decisions. They will get frustrated because you are not an alpha male.

Instead figure out what do you want and what does she like, then say “Let’s go do this.” Maybe she will tell you what’s her idea, but don’t wait for it, don’t count on it and don’t accept it!

An alpha male is a leader. He isn’t scared of what might happen if someone doesn’t agrees with him, isn’t afraid to be wrong. The alpha male knows that he makes the right choices. 

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