„The Best Hungarian PUA Coaches Reveal Their Most Secret Tricks… Afterwards You Can Be 100% Sure, That You Will Have The Success With Women and Dating You Always Wanted..”


Read Through Our Comprehensive Guide of our Budapest PUA Training, which are led by the VIP trainers of PUA.HU. If you follow our method, you will never be lonely again. Please note, that the places are limited, and the average waiting list can be 2-3 weeks in summertime.

The Budapest PUA Training is the KEY to acquire instinctive and irresistible attraction, what makes the hot, Hungarian girls fighting for you. Get ready, because you will have so many success with women, what you couldn’t have imagined …. what is far beyond your imagination… and it is much much more, than you have experienced so far. Are you ready to become one of the men in the world, who have amazing success with women (doesn’t matter, what background you may have), that you can achieve through a very effective 100% predictable seducing method?

I kindly invite you to a Budapest PUA Training, that enables you to get effective resultsiker-a-nőknél-pua.hu_s with women in a very short period of time. You have nothing else to do, just to join and follow my simple instructions. In the possession of your newly acquired abilities you will also discover, what is already known for the “choosen insiders”

You will be surrounded with hot girls very soon, and you cannot get rid of them. It doesn’t matter, that you are not a pickup professional.

As long the old-fashioned pickup professionals were satisfied to seduce a woman with their tricky talking, methods and techniques, we at BudapetsPUA have developed a brand new, natural method, that helps you to reach a high level of charisma and find the type of girls that you always dreamt of.

What we offer, is the most direct, face-to-face vip training in the heart of Budapest. If you are interested, than please read on.


Those, who want to learn our dating theory and practice as quick as possible in oder to acquire a girlfriend as soon as possible.

Are you the one who would like to get personalized, private solutions for his dating and lifestyle problems? Would you like to develop your whole lifestyle and personality to make it attractive for a woman from every aspect? Do you want to be the MAN that gets longterm development with a professional trainer behind his back?

You will be provided with a customized PUA trainer,


  • who which teach exactly what you need
  • is your one-on-one  private coach
  • who continuously focuses only on you in order to accelerate your personal development and achieving your personal goals quickly
  • gives you personalized daily and weekly assignments
  • from who you can get continuous follow-up advices through email, phone and live.

The VIP Budapest PUA Training can include the following

Exercises for Social Freedom and Eliminating Fears

40 special exercises on 8 different levels, that introduce you into the basics of social freedom, and i will get a holistic view about your problems and personality, in order to personalize the training plan for you to achieve maximal efficiency and development.



  • Social exercises – with the help of my exercises you will be able to talk with anybody about anything
  • Fear eliminating exercises – we will beat your fears of women and you will dare to approach them. Overcoming your fears, there is no more barrier for you hereinafter.

Attraction and  Approacing

There are the necessary basics to master your approaching and attraction skills from zero level up to a professional level. Even if you haven’t ever picked up a woman, you can develop your necessary skills on the very first day, and you will exactly know in real life too, what you have to do to meet chose girl.

Amazing infos, what you cannot get elsewhere. You will not need text templates and methods( the best if you don’t know any. If you perhaps may have wasted your time for this… you don’t need to worry, with the help of Budapest PUA Training you will behave naturally again).

Your knowledge base will be extended with verified methods, that you can use to attract women, you can approach them, and at the end they come into your arms.

Attraction technics, what you haven’t heard about before. We can build attraction in most women (of course not all)  in minutes with the methods, that you can also learn.

Thanks to your new abilities you can forget, how difficult it used to be to meet girls.




  • Special dating tricks and technics – to enable dating, kissing and getting cellphone numbers in extreme situations as well
  • Phases of dating – you will have the picture in your mind, when and exactly what you have to do in order to date the chosen girl
  • Physical contact  – know exactly, when, where and how to touch women, to attract them naturally

Daygame exercises

Approach any woman at daytime – anwhere she is, anything she is doing – and get her phone number in few minutes. We teach you, how to react perfectly in any given situation…without swotting or practicing any prescribed text! You can lift these suprisingly simple technincs into your own method…. and you will seduce women, that is unconceivable for other men.





  • Indirect approaches– you will learn, how you can approach bigger groups
  • Direct approach– you will learn, how you can amazingly attract women in seconds
  • Approaching in situations – you will have the ability to approach in different venues (on the subway, bus, street, course etc.)
  • Approaching in the store – even at shopping you will be able to date with the learned technincs
  • Stopping moving girls – on the way to work or to school you will be able to meet new ladies all the time
  • Approaching sitting girls – sitting girls won’t mean you problems anymore, you can talk to them easily

Nightgame exercises


Learn the steps, how to achieve, that the hottest girls SHOULD NOT WANT ANYTHING ELSE, than to go up to your arms….AS SOON AS POSSIBLE , and how to lead the events one after one in every situation – so can you get from the first attraction to the amplifying desire and the desired upshot…with such an easy, overwhelming and naturally attracting dating talk, that she just cannot refuse.

And there is NOTHING complicated or difficult. Learn the amazing simple nightgame method, that enables women to invest A LOT OF time and energy iton you, with almost ZERO effor t if it is exhausting, you should know: you do it WRONG).



  • In the dancehall – even if it is salsa or hiphop, you will learn, how to date effectively in the dancehall too
  • Getting the number  – with my 3 best technics (one of them is NLP) you can get phone numbers from women in impossible situations as well
  • Kissing technics – you will experience tons of times, when and how to kiss a woman perfectly
  • Exercises of physical contact – you will learn, how to touch a woman in a passionate way
  • Approach of bigger groups – you can have a pleasant conversation with many different persons simultaneously
  • Exercise of special dating games – I will teach you my own games, so the woman will never forget the night with you

Communication, Confidence and Body Language development/exercises

In this part you gonna learn the rules of approach without refusal, you will learn
the techniques of limitless conversations – you will never run out of words anymore, but you will be able to apply the natural formula of communication.

You will realize the 7 simple secrets, what you need to know to get rid of your previous communication and body language mistakes, and to reload yourself with the perfect confidence, that can be smelled by girls from many kilometers far away.

I will teach you the “feedback” method, what makes you professional in dating guaranteed. Be the uncrowned king on the spot..


  • diszkvalifikálás-pua.hu_Approach exercises  – you will learn the secrets of unrefusable approach in order to be able to talk to anyone
  • Conversation and communication exercises  – you will never run out of words while talking with women
  • Confidence amplifier exercises  – so you can long laster than ever before
  • Body language exercises – solely with your body language can you communicate, that you are an attractive man. You will learn exactly, how to move your body to reflect the image of an alphamale
  • Consciousness exercises  – you will learn the forms of charismatic behaviour and how to become a leader among people
  • Tonality exercises  – you will realize from 3 tonalities, which is the one, that gives you automatic attention and respect in society   
  • Volume exercises – from now on,  your voice will be heard everywhere, you will not bite the end of the words, and from “no-one” you can turn to be “THE ONE”.

Mindset/Clothing, Fashion, Lifestyle


We will discuss your recent lifestyle, what short-term and long-term goals you have, what is your relation with money and career. You will receive daily and weekly exercises to develop your mindset and lifestyle quickly, and to let you feel an attractive man inside.



  • Mindset development – your life quality is gonna go up  rapidly impacted by your new mindset
  • Elimination and change of previous misbeliefs
  • Setup of new goals
  • Enhancement of positive thinking


Ryan-Gosling-atyourservice-3We tell you, how you can become the best-fashioned guy on the spot…without spending enormous amounts of money. There is the method, that enables you to develop an image and lifestyle, that attracts women as magnet, and they only can think of marrying you, before even telling a single word.

Parts :


  • Hairdresser – you will have a brand new haircut customized to your lifestyle, that constantly fills you up with confidence
  • Lifestyle, fashion advisory- to have positive and engaging emission

Dating/Relationship and Lifestyle advisory


Everything will be discussed, and we are gonna eliminate every “white patch”, and your lifestyle is gonna be polished perfectly and unbeatable. You are going to pickup women anywhere: in shopping centers, cafes or on the street… you will exactly know, when you should call her, when you should write a text (sms) and how to proceed after the first date. Nothing is gonna wobble your self confidence, if you learn how to do it.

Even if you are an amateur with zero experience, who hasn’t obtained a cellphone number of any girls, you will acquire the master-strokes of dating art. And just to make it clear: when I’m talking about “Master-strokes of dating”, don’t think just getting a phone number or consent to a date. Think about getting up beside of your dreamwoman…whose wet panties are still on the floor. I will reveal extremely effective tricks for you.



Parts :



  • Lifestyle advisory- how to feel good in your skin and this
    positive energy will be felt by women around you
  • Phone and text (sms) education  – you will learn, when you should call the girl, you will learn the strategies in order to communicate with her in a natural way without templates
  • Acquisition of girlfriend- you will learn the steps, how you can keep the lady as a girlfriend
  • Establishing a long-term relationship – you can establish longterm relationships in order to become a happy man beside a wonderful woman

Almost each of our participants have got a girlfriend, a long-term relationship or flirting-adventures, many of them during the training! We don’t publish information about anyone and we deal confidently with everybody. Because of the privacy of the training, very few people undertake their face publicly. Those who have done so, say the following about our Budapest PUA Training:  



  • BENCE B.

    "I can't explain in words, what the Summer camp given me. Girls, fun, self-improvement, the best days of my life.. i really enjoyed it, i want to come next year again!"

  • IVAN S.

    "Yes yes yes, thats my motto now...I met this Hungarian girl, now she wants to be with me all the time...the bootcamp was amazing, all the trainers r awesome..."


    "Arrived with no before luck, virgin..left as a changed man..I continued practicing in Budapest for a few more days, trendy clubs there too!!!"


    "Have been to the game for 4 years, still learnt a lot from you guys, best pua bootcamp ever!!!!"

What do you get in a Budapest PUA Training?

  • You change your whole lifestyle, and your mindset towards women entirely
  • You take 100% control over your life, nobody commands you anymore, you select women, you want to spend your time with.
  • You will see the depth of the things, you will understand, what motivates women, what are their triggers, why they find a man attracting, and how you can develop yourself to be a man like this with our help
  • Learning of dating will be your hobby, where you become more and more successful day after day, week after week
  • I will teach you my most secret technics regarding women, that are so unique and work effectively verywhere, that is only known to my friends,
  • You will have a new appearance, style, clothes, haircut, that gives you confidence immediately (of course only if you need)
  • You will feel the change on the very first day, you will be more social and open-minded towards people
  • You will be able to do these exercises on your own, so your progress should not be stopped
  • You will get a long-term plan, that will guide your life in the way you wish

Procedure of your application:

  1. After your application we will call you and tell you every detail (please be patient, we keep on trying to contact everybody asap, but so many people are searching for us, that it might take some days)

  2. In the first call you tell us your problem and goals with woman, and we get to know you and you get know us.

  3. If you find everything OK, and we both think we are the right fit for each other, and you are convinced, that you will really get from us, what you want, then you can undertake our Training program (according to our availabilities) with your dedicated PUA trainer!

What you gain is hundred times more than you pay. We reveal ALL OUR REVOLUTIONARY DATING TECHNICS – even the tricks, what we haven’t ever told anyone! If you learn from us through close observation, you will also gain much experience with women and dating what you were looking for.. without any effort. I’m talking about those revolutionary technics, what is only known in Budapest, for example:


  • How to get the hottest girls of the club approaching and begging you to enable spending time with you in private, and all this without any word….
  • After 5 questions the woman, who just thought you are “interesting”, gonna think: “I want to have intimate contact with him”…
  • How to eliminate your male competitors in the bar or club – even the famous, rich and handsome men…
  • Our own secret techniques, that makes the heart of any woman beating faster regardless of whether she found you attractive previously or not (if it seems to be unfair….yes, it is unfair)…
  • Simple (but diabolic effective) tricks to amplify desire…”inevitable” kissing situations.. simple rules, that makes you learn 5 times faster… how you can “eliminate” the guy, who wants to take your woman away… and essential “end-game tactics”, that make the hottest girl landing in your arms.
  • And many more…


The parts of the training program is always fixed, that is displayed on the website?

The training schedule and the material of the Budapest PUA Training is always personalized and customized. The above written material is a draft, which will be fully customized to your needs in order to let you reach your specific goals!

How long is the training?

It depends, what kinds of previous experience you have and and what your goals are. We have a wide range of training packages from 120 hours to 10 hours, of course it is much more worth to attend the longer one, because the discount are higher.

How exhausting is the Budapest PUA Training?

It is important to arrive always fresh, because you will get a lot of new information, knowledge and practical experience every time! We let you work hard on the practical exercises, because you come to us to progress, and we take our job 100% seriously. It is our NO.1 goal to exercise as much as we can in the firld and  get the desired positive results.

Can anyone come?

No. Those who only want to take unscrupulously advantage of our guaranteed, secret, nowhere else available methods to conquer women, and those who suffer of morbid, narcissist susceptibility, those are not our clients.

But if your goal is self-development, confidence increasement, communication and personal development, learning natural and honest dating and the steps to a long-term relationship with a well-matched, attractive and intelligent woman, than your application is warmly welcomed !

What if i am already above the age 30-40, can you help me?

Of yourse YES! Besides of many 20-30 years old participant, lots of men come to us aged between 40 and 50 and attend our Budapest PUA Training program and accomplish it successfully. This proves again, that dating is independent of age and it doesn’t matter, how old you are, you can be successfull in dating too.

Was there ever any hopeless case, who surrendered the coaching?

No. Nobody has ever left us without some progress. We do not surrender, and we won’t let you to surrender. We have our tactics, how to keep you motivated even if you feel like you want to give up. We faced many of the “hardest” cases, who felt themselves totally hopeless, but we kept the faith in them, we kept going ont and through hard work we eliminated the obstacles. The piquancy of the story is, that these guys set us a very hard task, but many of them now live in a marriage or in a happy relationship ever since.

Where will the next Budapest PUA Training be held?

Basically in different venues of Budapest (shopping centers, malls, parks, bars, clubs, house parties), and we will discuss the exact meeting points privately after your application.

How much does it cost?

The price of our vip training is mainly dependant on how many hours you want to invest and when you are coming to Budapest (in Summer we are crazy busy).

You Do not need to have ANY PRELIMINARY experience (you can be a perfect starter, but even a professional dating artist). And last but not least, you don’t need to be young, handsome or funny. The most uncertain and weird guys often become the MOST PROFESSIONAL pickup artists, and it is an extra pleasure for us, that we can convert amateurs to experts in the shortest way.

This Budapest PUA Training is not suited for those guys, who do not want to meet amazing beautiful women up close. If you are far from the idea, that you are gonna take amazing girls into your bed or you will find your future girlfriend among them, than i beg your pardon. Just log out from our website. It is not suited for you.

When i say, the Budapest PUA Training is “super-effective”, than I talk about immediate, real results. I talk about super hot, Hungarian women adoring you…and it happens overnight.

You are accompanied with a professional pickup artist and he will load you up with thre perfect self-confidence. You can learn amazing secrets through close observation. You can listen to his advices, he’s gonna show you, and you will do it after together, and as a result, the women are gonna stick to you in no time.

Only this knowledge (what you can only learn by accompanying such a trainer) helps you to experience the “PUA mentality”- the necessary mindset, that’s gonna drive your whole life, and that distinguishes men having the woman they want in their lives from those, who are always alone. And the best in the whole experience is that we provide you extra onsite exercises. The dating trainer shapes the training to teach you, what you exactly need.

You will have 2 big advantages on our private, individual VIP onsite exercises- on the one side, we are gonna point out your mistakes and correct them effectively in order to develop you in a very few minutes. Much quicker, by yourself alone. On the other side, you can observe, how we can pick up girls. There is no better way to learn our amazing techniques.


Normal PUA Bootcamps cannot offer the same level of progress as the Summer Camp. This way, you are not only attending the most intensive training, but also having tons of fun, flirt and enjoying your deserved holiday for a long time!


Women don’t really care about looks. That they care about is confidence and the emotions you make them feel. With our secret techniques, you will be attracting the hottest Hungarian girls from the 1st minute you arrive in the Summer Camp!


We have transformed a lot of average-looking, skinny or obese guys into successful Ladies-Man over the past 8 years, so you will be in good hands.


We like challenges and sometimes the most fearful, shy and insecure guys turn out to be the best seducers at the end of the training!